about me

The way I work

My calling is around holding space for and assisting individuals, couples and families along a healing journey that results in clarity, empowerment and compassion.  I do so by creating a container that allows clients to come forth and explore all the parts of themselves with curiosity. 

I have training and experience with several psychological modalities, including experiential methods, cognitive behavioral therapy, third-wave mindfulness-based therapies (ACT, DBT, MBCT), family systems therapies, and motivational interviewing.  All of those approaches inform my work, but the most significant lens I have is around attachment and somatic/sensorimotor psychotherapy work.  I use a client-centered approach that leads to an empowering, respectful and attuned relationship with my patients.  I have lots of training (and personal experience) working with self-criticism and a fabulous antidote: self-compassion.

I work with adults who want to transform.  Typically the people I work with present with struggles around perinatal issues, anxiety, depression, relationships, loss, self-criticism, significant transitions, and attachment trauma.  My clients want to make value-congruent changes in their lives.  They want to put to rest the patterns and reflexes they learned in their past, and cultivate healthier more self-loving ways of showing up in their lives.  They want to dive deep. 

The way I was trained

I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  I completed my APA approved pre-doctoral internship at the Southern Arizona Psychology Internship Center, conducting assessments and training therapists in mindfulness-based therapy (ACT and Self-Compassion), while spending much of my time at the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) center working with college students.  I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology, sociology and women’s studies from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Here is a link to my CV if you feel like learning even more about my training….

Where I’m from

I grew up on Long Island, in a town called Long Beach. After college I moved to Washington D.C. because all I wanted to do was be an activist and march on the capital. Given activism didn’t pay my rent, I wound up doing social policy research for almost a decade after which it was stunningly clear that I was best suited to work on the individual and not the policy level. I moved to Tucson for my Ph.D. because my husband was interested in the southwest. I counted down the years of my Ph.D. until I could move back to the East Coast, yet when I had my first daughter and immersed myself into the birth community in Tucson I fell in love. We have 3 kids (my older daughter and younger twin boys) and being their mother makes my heart explode.