Helping College Students

College is an opportunity for transformation.  Yet transformation isn’t always fun.  I am here to help you shift from feeling stuck to feeling empowered.

College is truly a transformational time.  The opportunity to pursue a college degree is exciting– something many of us have looked forward to for years.  There’s a sense of pride that comes along with going to college.


Then we start.  It’s orientation.  It’s the first day.  And whether it’s shifting our geographic location or shifting how we relate to people, there are countless opportunities for growth.  Yet, of course, change is not easy.  Often times our opportunities reveal themselves in the form of struggles with relationships, families, roommates, and ourselves.

We go to classes.  We learn about lots of interesting material that we never imagined studying, and we are given maps and guides to help us study.

book-845280 Yet where do we learn how to deal with our roommate continually lying about leaving dishes in the sink?  How do we figure out how to navigate break ups and home sickness?  Who teaches us how to cope with failing tests and questioning our intelligence?  Who guides us when we struggle to make friends, or struggle with food, or drinking, or drugs, or to explore our gender identity and/or sexuality, or any of the thousands of things us humans tend to struggle with?

I have worked with so many college students who flourish in therapy after receiving the support they need to identify their roadblocks, create a map, and have someone to cheer them on as they pave their way.  If college has presented challenges that you want some help with, take a look at the resources I have listed for students.  You can also contact me, and together we can determine whether I will be able to assist you.